Blending Art & Technology at The Honk-Tweet



One afternoon while I was waiting for an art exhibit to open at Project for Empty Space, Jasmine, one of the galleries co-founders suggested I go downstairs to check out The Honk Tweet. I had no idea what to expect, but I love exploring and trying new things so I went.

I was greeted by Co-Founder and Director, Wolfgang Gil and the team, who gave me a tour of this space and all the amazing things that could be created with art and technology. I was blown away and curious to learn more and now everyone can. Gil informed me about the upcoming course offerings that will be starting on October 7th. Space is limited for more personalized attention so I would suggest you register now.

Creative Coding…


About: “The Honk-Tweet was founded as a platform for technologists and artists to combine making a living with their creative, and intellectual pursuits. The idea is to build a collective that works on paid projects that also help develop the skillsets they need to continue to sustainably pursue their creative endeavors. That is why we are both a for-profit production company AND an ever-growing community. We invest time and resources into educational programs that train future collaborators.

The mission of our educational program is to increase technological literacy among college students and artists living in Newark and adjacent areas.

We want our students to understand software, hardware, and systems at a fundamental level, and to understand the creative potential these technologies have. Students that complete our core curriculum should be able to develop and implement such technologies professionally and to communicate with other technologists in professional contexts.” (

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