Newark CentricCity Events Launch Oct. 1

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Newark CentricCity Events is about getting people to attend and participate in outings, activities, events and happenings curated by Suzanne Joblonski with collaborations with the Newark community.

She created Newark CentricCity Events as a means to promote Newark, the adopted city that she fell in love with after attending many Newark Bears baseball games dating back to 2009 while still living in New York. Not believing the negative hype of what the news was reporting about this city and it’s people, Suzanne began exploring this city on foot and public transportation. That led to posting photos and reflections on social media and blogs to chronicle what the media was blatantly ignoring.

In March 2017, one month shy of her year anniversary as a Newark resident, she began amping up her free publicity of who and what is making Newark shine brightly for not only Newarkers to see, hear and learn about their fellow residents but also the world. She often hears from people she should be the city’s ambassador dubbing her Miss Everywhere as she is everywhere. She encourages you to follow her on one of her many sites and explore #EverythingNewarkEveryday both virtually and in real life.